Steve Kader Stage Hypnosis

About the Show

Comedy Stage Hypnosis has been around for many years, gaining a majority of it's popularity in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Mecca of entertainment. This concept integrates three important elements of showmanship.  Comedy, Hypnosis, and Audience Participation are rolled into one entertaining package.  A non-stop, action packed show, where the Audience members are the actual stars of the show. 

Steve enters the stage and briefly explains Stage Hypnosis, to the audience.  He then calls volunteers, to the stage and the fun begins.  Some examples of what you will see in his show are:  volunteers competing in a dance contest or a body-building show, volunteers speaking Martian, volunteers doing their best impressions of Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber AND volunteers conversing with Clyde (Steve's Ventriloquist Dummy.)  Steve's show is a non-stop, action packed, Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show, like no other.  He integrates Magic and Ventriloquism into his show, which makes it more unique and appealing than any other show of it's kind.  No two shows are alike.  You can expect the unexpected, when it comes to Steve's show.  The length of the show can be tailored to you event.

* 30 minutes  * 60 minutes  * 90 minutes


Possible venues include:

*  High Schools or Collegs/Universities

*  Comedy Clubs

*  Corporate Events

*  Hotel Banquet Halls

*  Casino Showrooms

*  VFW Halls

*  Bars/Nightclubs

*  Birthday Parties/Divorce Parties


"I have performed for audiences as small as seven people, to as large as 12,000.  I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to perform.  IF you want to have the time of your life, book me for your next event."